What to Expect

  • Calendar of Drills

    Follow a designed plan and progress of drills to get results with just a few minutes a week

  • 26 Follow Along Drills

    Watch the demo video and then do it on your own or follow along with Coach Amanda in a specific pre-run routine

  • 5 Weeks of Video

    Each week you’ll learn a new set of drills to build on the previous week. Then you’ll have an toolkit you can keep using forever.

Course curriculum

Long term access, no monthly fees.

  • 1

    What is Running Technique?

    • Getting Started

    • How Drills Will Progress

    • Knee Drive and Heel Striking

    • Running Cadence

    • Week 1 Drills and Follow Along

    • How to do Strides

    • Week 2 Drills and Follow Along

    • Week 3 Drills and Follow Along

    • Week 4 Drills and Follow Along

    • BONUS: Week 5 Drills and Follow Along

    • BONUS: Strength Training

    • Running Gait Analysis

    • Example Gait Analysis Results

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    • 1-1 Coaching Access

    • Virtual Run Club

10 minutes a week to better running!

Run faster, run easier with a few small tweaks

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