What to Expect

  • Short, effective, strength workouts for runners

    20 minute workouts that can easily be added to 10 minute core sessions. No excuses to not fit this in to your week.

  • Works for all ability levels and can be repeated to continue progress

    Beginner, intermediate, and advanced modifications that you can build on as you get stronger each time you do them!

  • Will help with speed, muscle, weight loss and injury prevention.

    Guidelines on how to incorporate more strength and reap the benefits in base building and during race season.

Made For Runners

Strength training is often the thing we know we should do, but put to the side. This course is going to help give you the most bang for your time when starting out.

Ideally, you'll repeat the plan multiple times to see your strength progress.

You don't need something super complex or to "confuse your muscles". We want to fit this in around our runs and watch our running improve too!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • Strength Training For Runners

    • 20 Min Strength Plan Overview

    • Meet Your Coaches

    • Finishers - Plyo

  • 2

    Upper Body Workouts

    • Upper Body 1

    • Upper Body 2

    • Upper Body 3

    • Upper Body 4

    • Optional Moves

  • 3

    Lower Body

    • Lower Body 1

    • Lower Body 2

    • Lower Body 3

    • Lower Body 4

  • 4

    Full Body

    • Full Body 1

    • Full Body 2

    • Full Body 3

    • Full Body 4

  • 5

    What's Next?

    • Virtual Run Club

    • 1-1 Coaching

Become a Stronger Runner!

No more trying to figure it out on your own. SIMPLE. FAST. EFECTIVE.

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